This comic contains adult themes and body horror. Viewer discretion is advised. Thank you!

About the Comic

Missummon takes place in modern society where the usage of magic has been quietly integrated. Recently, the secrecy of magic has been exploited by the criminal underbelly of the city.

In the middle of this, Remy, a young magician, has accidentally summoned an unknown breed of demon. Due to unexpected conditions in their demon summoning contract, the two are bound together to fulfill its requirements.

Updates on Wednesdays when possible!

About the Author

I'm Jairus B. (aka SharpiBees) and I write and illustrate Missummon! I love bees, punk, and soft stuff, and I'm currently tearing through college hell as a graphic design major >:')c

You'll most likely find me active on Twitter, where I tweet a lot about this comic, my other art shenanigans, and sometimes life ramblings!!

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Contact: itsjairus@yahoo.com